House Budget Cmte Ranking Member Chris Van Hollen Releases the House Democratic Budget

March 27, 2012

Democrats are working hard to look for ways to find savings in defense

Arlington, VA — Late last night House Budget Committee Ranking Member Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) released a counter proposal to the House Republicans’ fiscal year 2013 budget. The outline calls for $3.7 trillion in spending for the next fiscal year and estimates the budget deficit will clock-in at $965 billion.

“Every year – if not more often – families across the nation sit down to work out their spending priorities. They make tough choices, looking for ways to cut back and save,” said Gretchen Hamel, executive director of Public Notice. “So while we applaud House Democrats for submitting a budget proposal, we recognize that the document, like those put out by President Obama and House Republicans, doesn’t adequately address government spending.”

Despite major tax increases, the Democratic budget ensures deficits for the next ten years. In six years, they start climbing yet again, putting America’s fiscal future at risk.

“Democrats are working hard to look for ways to find savings in one of the top three spending areas – defense,” said Hamel. “But they refuse to acknowledge Congress must do something to tackle Social Security and Medicare. Until they do, the document they’ve offered doesn’t live up to lawmakers’ promise to get serious about overspending.”

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