"2010 Western Regions Conference"

Wednesday Waste, GSA Bonuses…Again

August 1, 2012

A House subcommittee met today to request more information on the culture of excessive compensation and lavish conferences at the GSA. This hearing was prompted by additional reports of waste and abuse at the GSA.

Friday Funnies: 5 Jokes About the Economy!

Friday Funnies | April 27, 2012

“It now appears that as many as a dozen members of the Secret Service were involved in that Colombian prostitution scandal. Now six of the agents have resigned. The other six are now party planners for the GSA.” –Jay Leno

Start the Hearings

April 16, 2012

Starting today Congress will hold a number of hearings to investigate the 2010 Western Regions Conference held by the GSA and the culture of wasteful spending that has developed.