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How will government be funded beyond Nov. 18?

October 20, 2011

With Congress once again budgeting with band-aids, we’ll face another funding discussion and threat of a shutdown as the last day of the current CR quickly approaches.

RADIO: The Cari And Rob Show

October 3, 2011

The House recently approved the Senates’ temporary spending bill, avoiding a government shutdown…at least until Tuesday, Oct. 4. Tmrw a stop-gap bill that will fund the gov’t through Nov. 18 is expected to pass. Lenwood Brooks talks about this and more….

Government shutdown looms. Again?

September 21, 2011

Now, just nine days away from the end of fiscal year 2011, Congress has found itself locked in partisan fight over disaster aid funding, heightening the threat of a shutdown.

Appropriations Briefing Book

September 9, 2011

Considering how much weight the appropriations process carries, we thought we’d give a rundown on how the whole thing works.