The Auto Bailout: The Facts

August 22, 2012

When the government decides to bail out a specific industry or firm, it is choosing to pick winners and losers, which distorts the marketplace. And with the Treasury Department revising the cost of the auto bailout upward earlier this month, we thought it was appropriate to step back and examine the facts surrounding the government’s bailout of the auto industry.

The Auto Bailout

August 14, 2012

When the auto bailout was passed, Washington told the American taxpayers that it was an investment that would pay itself back in the long run, but now it looks like that investment is costing us more than we bargained for.

Protests in Spain

July 13, 2012

Protests erupted in Spain this week as Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy announced during a six-hour session of parliament a significant shift in fiscal policy.

The G20 and a Return to Spending

June 20, 2012

Pro-growth policies. A favored catch phrase for some of the G20 leaders who are struggling to maintain popularity in the downtrodden economies of Europe after it’s near fiscal meltdown. But, to some, this phrase is a thinly veiled attempt to re-brand a return to the same type of spending which caused their economies to head south in the first place.

Greece’s Elections

June 15, 2012

On Sunday, fathers will be sharing their big day with the anxiously awaited Greek elections. Why should you be tuning in?

On Europe

June 14, 2012

As Greece prepares for another round of elections Sunday that may result in the country’s exit from the Euro Zone, leaders of the top 20 economies prepare to navigate the aftermath Monday and Tuesday in Mexico.