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Spending and The Presidency

May 29, 2012

Has spending increased since President Obama took office? In Washington, a simple question like that is never easy to answer. One would assume that using simple math would yield accurate and reliable results, but Washington is never short of different perspectives on how math works.

Jobs and Deficit Report

April 9, 2012

Last week the Department of Labor released their jobs report for the month of March. Unfortunately, March’s report was not what economists had hoped for.

A Budget in the Senate

April 4, 2012

In April of 2009, the Senate convened to pass Senate Concurrent Resolution 13 during the 111th Congress. The Senate has not passed a budget since.

Fiscal Year 2013: A Budget in the Works

March 20, 2012

Each year, Congress is required to pass a budget by law. Once the budget is enacted, Congress must pass 12 yearly spending bills to fund discretionary programs before the start of the government’s fiscal year (October 1). This sounds great in theory, but unfortunately, Washington has neglected to make it work in practice.