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State Fact Sheets for June 2012

July 12, 2012

Find all of the most recent fiscal and economic data on your state, and the 49 others, in our State Fact Sheets for the month of June.

State of the States

April 11, 2012

With a growing deficit and national debt in Washington, it is easy to lose sight of how the state’s are fairing.

Auburn vs. Oregon: the match-up moves off the field

January 10, 2011

Tonight the Auburn Tigers and the Oregon Ducks will face off in the college football national championship. Auburn is picked to win, but when it comes to the economic and fiscal condition of each team’s state, do the Tigers still come out on top?

PARODY VIDEO: The 34th Miner

October 21, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: the 34th miner has just been rescued from the Chilean mine! But he’s not Chilean. And he’s not a miner. He’s an American. What did he miss in America while he was down there and what will he do next?

A state of recovery? New Hampshire edition.

August 26, 2010

In preparation for Vice President Biden’s visit today to Manchester, New Hampshire to discuss the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (aka the “stimulus”) and “mark a Recovery Act milestone,” here are some facts to consider.

Fiscal Cheat Sheet: Consequences (state)

August 23, 2010

On Friday, the BLS released its regional and state unemployment rates for July. The situation remained bleak, with 14 states reporting increases in unemployment rates and 18 states reporting no change to unemployment rates.

A state of recovery? Washington edition.

August 17, 2010

In preparation for President Obama’s visit today to Seattle, Washington to discuss the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (aka the “stimulus”) and Washington’s plan for the road ahead, below are some facts to consider.