"Government Spending"

Breaking It Down | Government Wasted $73 Billion In One Year

July 24, 2014

Every week for the past year, The Washington Times has given out a Golden Hammer award for the week’s most wasteful government project. On July 10, the Golden Hammer celebrated its one-year anniversary by compiling all the examples of waste, fraud and abuse over the past year.

HHS Fails To Practice Safe Spending

January 15, 2014

One year after warning that the sequester would push 70,000 children off Head Start, impair our ability to fight HIV/AIDS and compromise the well-being of hundreds of thousands of serious mentally-ill patients, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is getting a budget increase.

Omni-Busted II

January 15, 2014

Less than a month after Washington agreed to bust through the bipartisan spending caps in the latest budget deal, according to a report by PaymentAccuracy.gov the federal government wasted more money than the entire sequester last year on improper payments alone. So, remember when all those lawmakers were pledging to block any deal that didn’t roll back the sequester?


January 15, 2014

What does vice presidential entertainment, wild horse adoption and the future State Elections Commission of Puerto Rico have in common? They are just a few of the reasons Congress busted through their bipartisan spending caps by $45 billion to create a massive $1 trillion omnibus bill. Are these really “essential” priorities Americans can’t do without?

Credibility Crunch

January 7, 2014

According to Reuters, the IRS claims they are facing a budget crunch because of all the money they need to spend on Obamacare and that some things “may have to go by the wayside.” But, last year when the IRS was pressed for blowing tax dollars on a host of frivolous items, division managers actually blamed their spending on having too much money!

PIN IT: Federal Matters Episode 3

December 10, 2013

The third episode of Federal Matters, “Christmas,” highlights the problems that stem from wasting money on unnecessary expenditures, and the burden it places on those around you.