"Obama Administration"

Cliff Notes: A Confederacy of Dunces

December 6, 2012

Yesterday in an interview with CNBC, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said that the Obama administration is “absolutely” prepared to go off the cliff if Republicans don’t budge on raising tax rates for those making more than $250,000 a year.

Obama’s Debt/Deficit Disconnect

September 6, 2012

Gretchen Hamel, executive director of Public Notice, today issued the following statement in response to reports that an essay signed by President Obama in the official program for the Democratic National Convention confuses the terms “debt” and “deficit”

Europe and the U.S.

May 30, 2012

If you can’t solve your own debt crisis, don’t you think it’s silly to try and solve someone else’s debt problems? Not the administration.

Gene Sperling to head National Economic Council

January 7, 2011

In the wake of Larry Summer’s departure, the President is scheduled to officially announce today that Gene Sperling will become the next chair of the National Economic Council (NEC).

Key tests on spending await Members-elect

November 18, 2010

As you well know, congressional candidates of all political stripes pledged fiscal restraint and responsibility in the run up to the mid-term elections. But as our new ads remind the victors, taxpayers plan to hold them to their word; and so do we.