Fifty States in Fifty Weeks: Oklahoma

April 12, 2013

Each week this year (with the exception of Thanksgiving and Christmas) we will examine the fiscal and economic health of one of the U.S. states. Our 16th state in this series is Oklahoma. Here are the top five (or more) things you need to know about the Sooner State.

State News Roundup

News Roundup | January 3, 2013

All is not well in North Carolina, according to incoming governor-elect Pat McCrory. Addressing the state’s economic woes in Durham on Wednesday, NewsObserver reports that the state’s $2.5 billion in unemployment insurance debt and high unemployment had McCrory less than optimistic about the immediate future.

State Fact Sheets for November

November 26, 2012

Get the latest on your state’s unemployment rate, economic condition, budget deficit and more with our State Fact Sheets. The most up to date fiscal and economic data for all 50 states in one place.