Gretchen Hamel: Trade deals mark positive step for U.S.

October 14, 2011

It’s dispiriting to think of how much our nation’s economy has suffered over the past five years, and to think how these trade agreements could have been contributing to our economic growth and job creation all along. But at least now, the nation’s free trade priorities are back on the right track….


October 12, 2011

Gretchen Hamel reacts to last nights debate that focused on the U.S. economy and talks about the latest trade agreement bills that are expected to pass this week in Washington. Could free trade help our flat economy?

Radio: American Advisor

October 11, 2011

As Congress moves towards passage of three trade bills with Columbia, Panama, and South Korea, Washington is showing unusual bipartisan agreement. Gretchen Hamel, Executive Director of Public Notice, talks about trade and how our fragile economy can benefit….

Gretchen Hamel: Congress must OK trade deals to get economy moving

October 11, 2011

[N]ow there’s a chance to get it right on trade. In the first week of October, President Obama sent Congress proposed free trade agreements between the U.S & Colombia, Panama & South Korea. If Congress really wants to help the economy & create jobs they should make passing these bills their top priority.