Obamacare Regs Anger Unions | Regulation Watch

February 7, 2014

Bankrupting America readers know we’ve written a lot about the Affordable Care Act.

What we’re not certain readers know is that some leaders of major labor unions oppose the law almost as much – or maybe as much – as we and the GOP do.

Are You Ready For Some Football? | Regulation Watch

January 31, 2014

Just in time for the end of the NFL season (that’s this Monday – after the conclusion of Super Bowl XLVIII on Sunday – for all you non-sports fans), the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced it wants to change the regulations governing sports’ broadcasts.

One Reg Could Cost Millions Of Americans Their Insurance | Regulation

November 8, 2013

According to Jerry Ellig from George Mason University’s Mercatus Center, the Obama Administration not only rushed the rollout of the Affordable Care Act website (it was reported the site could only handle 1,100 users at a time the day before it went public), it rushed regulations too.

Shutdown Side Effect: Regulatory State Slows | Regulation Watch

October 11, 2013

According to The Washington Post, “As for the rest, one benefit of the shutdown is that it has reminded the country that it can function well without the dozens of federal bodies that exist solely to layer more burdens on the private economy. Consider the evidence in the Federal Register, which is the record of new government rules that Washington is imposing on the rest of us.