Debt Ceiling Update | Spending Daily

February 7, 2014

According to Congressional Quarterly, lawmakers have not reached agreement about how to proceed on a plan to increase the nation’s statutory debt limit.

B.A. Spending Daily

News Roundup | July 2, 2013

The Wall Street Journal reports on Democrats’ efforts to hold a conference committee with Republicans over the fiscal year 2014 budget resolution.

B.A. Spending Daily

News Roundup | May 24, 2013

Politico and The Washington Post report that four agencies will be virtually closed today because of sequester-related furloughs.

What a Waste

April 12, 2012

The Buffett Rule is dominating headlines in Washington this week. On one side, we see the president using this issue to score political points against his very wealthy opponent and on the other, we see Republicans slamming the president for using ‘class warfare’ as a tool to get ahead in the polls. And all I have to say to that is, what a waste.