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Oct. 1 Health Care Rollout Still Questionable | B.A. Spending Daily

News Roundup | August 6, 2013

With only two months until health insurance exchanges open on October 1, the White House has cut back on training requirements for enrollment officers or “navigators.”According to The Wall Street Journal, “Grants to hire and train the workers aren’t expected to be released for another two weeks for the 34 states where the federal government is running all or part of the marketplaces.” This leaves just 32 business days to hire and trains thousands of workers for each state.

Earmarks Live To See Another Day | Money’s Worth

Money's Worth | July 29, 2013

The House and Senate were in session last week. The Senate finally reached an agreement on a bill that would prevent interest rates for some student loans from doubling. The Huffington Post said this bill will “profit” the federal government while saving American college students and graduates money. Meanwhile, the House passed the fiscal year 2014 appropriations bill for the Department of Defense. The measure allots $512.5 billion for military spending next year.

Friday Funnies!

Friday Funnies | April 13, 2012

“President Obama signed a bill preventing members of Congress from profiting from insider trading. Didn’t you think that was already illegal?” –Jay Leno