Lenwood Brooks on Cavuto

August 12, 2013

Lenwood Brooks, policy director of Public Notice, joins Cavuto on Fox Business Network to discuss Greece’s recent surplus, as well as how our recent deficit numbers aren’t reason for celebration.

A Surplus? What Gives? | Spending Daily

News Roundup | July 12, 2013

Wait, spending cuts will lead to … a surplus?! That’s what Time says helped the U.S. in June to post its largest monthly surplus since the recession. According to the magazine, “Spending in June declined to a level not seen in nearly a decade, falling to $170 billion — the lowest since a $161 billion month in November 2004.”

This Year’s Deficit: An Update

July 11, 2013

Today, the Treasury Department released its Monthly Treasury Statement for June, showing a budget surplus of $117 billion for the month. This is up from a $60 billion shortfall last June. It is important to note however, that because June 1, 2013 fell on a Saturday, certain payments that ordinarily would have been made in June were instead made in May, reducing June outlays by roughly $34 billion.

B.A. Spending Daily

News Roundup | May 13, 2013

Reuters reports the Treasury Department believes it will be able to hold off the need to vote on the debt ceiling until at least September.

Breaking It Down: January Budget Surplus

February 14, 2013

The U.S. Treasury Department announced on Tuesday that in January the federal government ran a surplus – that’s right a surplus – of $3 billion. (Don’t get too excited: as we noted last week, the federal deficit is still supposed to run $845 billion this year.) In a Valentine’s-themed “Breaking It Down,” we ask what could Americans have bought with $3 billion?

September’s Treasury Statement

October 12, 2012

Today, the U.S. Department of Treasury reported the first monthly budget surplus since April 2012, with the federal government’s receipts outpacing outlays by $75 billion dollars in September.

State News Roundup

News Roundup | August 16, 2012

Construction in Ohio on the new Brent Spence Bridge has cleared a major federal hurdle required to begin work. All projects of this size are required to pass an assessment of their impact upon the environment, and the new bridge has just received the approval, but the project now faces a lack of funding.

State news roundup

August 19, 2010

A look at the most important budget-related news and information from around the country.