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Group Launches Ad Blitz Against Congress’ Obamacare Benefits

September 17, 2013

Bankrupting America has made a six-figure online ad buy slamming Congress’ Obamacare exemption, concluding that lawmakers are “just like you, unless it’s inconvenient.” The national online ad campaign, titled “Inconvenient,” argues that Congress “should live with the laws it passes.”

Group Highlights Government Spending In Final Weeks Of Fiscal Year

July 26, 2013

Federal spending nearly triples during the last two weeks of the fiscal year, according to government data compiled by the fiscally conservative group Bankrupting America. The group is attempting to draw attention to such the spike in government spending as agencies use the remaining budgeted funds so that they will be able to request just as much funding next year.

Gretchen Hamel: Debt Ceiling is Only First Step in Debate Over Federal Spending

August 30, 2011

The S&P sent a clear message: What has been done is not enough. Rather than pointing fingers, Washington leaders should get the message: The United States simply has too many liabilities on its ledger, and if we’re going to seriously address the country’s fiscal health, we have to enact significant spending reforms.