"unsustainable spending"

Honoring Women’s History Month and Struggles in Greece

March 12, 2012

As Greece completes its debt and credit swaps today, organizations and groups around the world celebrate the contributions of women in honor of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day last week.

A closer look at Medicare

October 13, 2011

Today, we give you a sneak peek at one of our forthcoming Budget Briefing Book’s infographics – a closer look at Medicare.

Europe can no longer delay solutions

October 12, 2011

Nothing the European Union has done so far has quelled the fear of world financial markets leaving many to wonder whether the EU will emerge intact.

When is a cut, a cut?

August 18, 2011

The debt ceiling debate ended as Congress reached an agreement to raise the limit and cut spending. But is it fair to really call those spending reductions cuts?

Real or Fake, Pt. 2

August 17, 2011

Since the first Real or Fake, the federal government is still funding some pretty ridiculous projects. So we decided to make a sequel.