Take Notice: news on the economy and spending for March 29th

March 29, 2010

USA Today:

Treasury yields rise as U.S. debt mounts, demand can’t keep up: “A glut of Treasury borrowing — and the prospects of a better economy — could push rates higher in the next 12 months.”

Expanded mortgage aid should cut foreclosures, help buoy prices: “The Obama administration’s revamped mortgage program may help more borrowers keep their homes, but economists say it could also delay foreclosures that can’t be prevented.”

Washington Post:

Big Pharma’s big win: “The U.S. drug industry fended off price curbs and other hefty restrictions in President Obama’s health-care law even as it prepares for plenty of new business when an estimated 32 million uninsured Americans gain health coverage.”

OPINION: Obama’s pivot: “Health reform may seem simple compared to what it will take to control the deficit.”

New York Times:

Crist, Rubio Spar Over Spending in Debate: “Florida Gov. Charlie Crist and his Republican challenger for United States Senate, Marco Rubio, argue the merits of the federal stimulus package.”

Wall Street Journal:

Spending Rises; Income Stagnant: “U.S. consumer spending in February rose 0.3%, even though their incomes didn’t budge amid high joblessness, while inflation stayed benign.”

The Hill:

Dems see backlash coming for GOP after unemployment block: “For the second time in March, GOP senators are blocking swift passage of an extension to unemployment insurance.”

Unused NASA tower epitomizes brewing fight over space budget: “NASA’s completed, $500 million space rocket launcher could go to waste if lawmakers heed the White House’s request.”

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