The Inconsistency of the GOP on Defense Spending

June 6, 2012

Politico has yet another article on the looming fight over defense spending and sequestrization (which is a fancy word for cuts in the defense budget that were agreed to when the supercommittee failed).

Some Republican candidates and operatives are targeting Democrats over their perceived willingness to allow spending cuts in the defense budget. From the article;

“These Democrats are already on record opposing common-sense reforms that would avoid these devastating cuts to local jobs and America’s military,” said Paul Lindsay, an NRCC spokesman.

The GOP sounds downright Keynesian.

The complete about face on government spending is somewhat shocking, even in Washington. Why is it that only defense spending is considered a source of stable jobs while all other government spending is categorized as waste?

It seems that for the GOP, government spending is wasteful, except when applied to defense spending and maybe farm subsidies. Why the inconsistencies? Could it be possibly be for political benefit? No, not in Washington! Color me shocked.

For the record. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is equally inconsistent. He believes that cutting spending is desirable on the defense budget, but only if tax rates are increased. So essentially, he’s trying to either score political points against those in favor of higher defense spending levels or force Republicans to adopt his position on taxes. Once again, it seems scoring political points takes precedence over consistent policy positions.

Even after 6 years in D.C. ,I’m still taken aback at how easily both parties can adopt opposing fiscal policy positions based on what department we’re talking about.

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