The Matchup

June 22, 2012

Today, Greece and Germany face off head to head in what promises to be, if nothing else, an awkward showdown on the soccer field. After an unexpected win against Russia during the group stage, Greece has advanced to play Germany in the Quarter Finals of the 2012 Euro Cup this afternoon. Greece, having received numerous bailouts from Germany, is looking to walk away from the match with an entirely different type of currency, pride.

Greece’s current economic situation leaves no room for gloating at the moment as the country deals with record high unemployment, a massive national debt that holds back a private sector economy and a possible exit from the Euro Zone. But, on the soccer field, Greece aims to prove its worth as it competes with the same country that recently came to its rescue.

In the end the match will not determine how the country will move forward in this tough economic crisis. With the country nearly divided on whether or not to remain in the Euro Zone, or to pursue more pro-growth spending, the match offers no insight into which direction the country will proceed.

What is certain is that it does offer a small reprieve from the daily grind Greeks have become accustomed to. After all, that is what sports are all about.

Watch the match live here. And, find more on this story in a post today in the BBC Magazine.

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