The year in wasteful spending: #12 – #10

December 28, 2010

The next installment of our countdown of the 15 most unbelievable, irresponsible, and downright wasteful examples of government overspending from the past year.


Volt of Stimulus

Like the “Cash for Clunkers” program, the government debuted “Chargers for Chevys,” which gave the first 4,400 citizens to buy the electric Chevrolet Volt “free” (as long as you’re not a taxpayer) $2,000 electric charging stations.


Million-Dollar Ants

Approximately $1 million in “stimulus” funds went to Arizona State University and the University of Arizona to “determine distinctive roles” in ant colonies, and to study the “division of labor” in ant colonies, respectively.


Taj Ma-School

This past fall, students attending L.A.’s Robert F. Kennedy Community School could brag about their new school’s marble memorials, murals and posh swimming pool. Taxpayers may not only be jealous— they may be angry: the school, which cost $578 million to construct, was the most expensive in history. It’s also fair to note that the L.A. school district faces a $640 million shortfall.

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