Voters Choose Fiscal Responsibility

June 6, 2012

Last night fiscal responsibility won the Wisconsin election.  When given a choice between big-spending governing that favors special interests or fiscal responsibility, tough decisions are required. Wisconsin voters chose fiscal responsibility.

For the past two years, spending and the debt have been at the top of voters’ minds across this nation, but there has only been talk and no real reform from leaders here in Washington.  Despite what elected leaders and political talking heads may say, last night proved that voters want spending cuts that lead to fiscal sanity.  Families in Wisconsin and across this nation have had to make those same tough decisions about their own budgets, and they are ready for their elected leaders to do the same.

Many states in our nation face budget deficits and looming pensions crisis.  With our fragile economy, state leaders cannot ignore these issues because they will not go away without bold solutions and actions.

Wisconsin showed us last night that there is no reason to wait to solve tomorrow’s problems today.

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