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August 17, 2010

This is Fiscal Cheat Sheet week at Bankrupting America. Every day, we’ll release a “cheat sheet” that breaks down a core theme surrounding the urgent, but long-standing, problem of government overspending. To be clear, overspending is a problem for both Republicans and Democrats; both parties are responsible, and both parties must be held accountable for finding solutions.

Last week, we released two products, the viral Real or Fake video and the interactive Spending Fail Map that highlight some particularly questionable government spending projects. Sure, these projects are a drop in the bucket compared to our $13 trillion debt.  But they resonate with Americans because they symbolize an increasingly irresponsible government – the theme of this week’s first Fiscal Cheat Sheet:

(Ir)Responsible Governing
: A yawning discrepancy between the public’s continued belt-tightening, and what is – and isn’t – happening in Washington is spurring many to question:

Is This Responsible Governing?

Washington Continues Deficit-Spending Spree
No Priorities, No Plan, No Budget
Passing the Buck

Click here for the (Ir)Responsible Governing cheat sheet.

Here’s the rest of the lineup:

Unsustainable Spending:
Washington’s long-standing culture of overspending begs the question of whether it is really unable — or simply unwilling — to get federal spending under control:

Overspending Mentality
From Bad to Worse
From Worse to Crisis
Spending Reduction Only Sustainable Solution

Uncertainty & Lack of Confidence:
As high unemployment and anemic economic growth continue to plague our nation, Americans’ fear of what Washington will do next is further impeding a recovery:

No Ability for Businesses to Plan
Families and Companies Afraid to Act

Consequences (national):
Americans are becoming increasingly aware that Washington’s fiscal recklessness has consequences, and these consequences are growing exponentially worse with every day policymakers fail to get our nation’s fiscal house in order:

Higher Taxes, Higher Cost of Living
Dampened Economic Growth, Fewer Job Opportunities
Less Flexibility
Crushing Burden on Future Generations

And looking forward to next week…

Consequences (state):
National consequences paint just part of the picture of government overspending; state-level consequences are just as devastating – and often more personal. On Friday, we’ll receive yet another likely disappointing unemployment report. Bankrupting America will take a look at the report and the policies that have been the backdrop for the bleak jobs situation.

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