Wednesday Waste: Really?

Wednesday Waste | May 16, 2012

A total more than $1.5 million in stimulus was appropriated to create less than 3 jobs to study high-risk sexual behavior and erectile dysfunction since 2009, the NBC Investigative Unit is reporting.

The University of California, San Francisco was awarded a grant for over $1.26 million to study and identify “ways to improve the accuracy of responses” regarding self-reporting high-risk sexual behavior, which has created a whopping 0.85 jobs. Through 200 video interviews (Yes, that is over $6000 per interview) UCSF researched conversational methodologies and techniques as they apply to the reporting of sexual behavior.

Another grant, awarded to a hospital in Rhode Island went to studying erectile dysfunction. The hospital was awarded over $725k to determine “whether lifestyle intervention is effective” in middle-aged men with impotence and created 1.61 jobs while doing so.

Neither one of the studies has been completed yet, according to, but are the results really necessary? We have a national debt of over $15.6 trillion, and this is a use of $1.5 million that government could do without.

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