Wednesday Waste: The 2012 Wastebook

Wednesday Waste | October 17, 2012

Senator Coburn recently released a 202-page report regarding some of the most inefficient ways taxpayer dollars are being used. The book details $16 billion in wasteful spending originating from Washington. Number one on the list is “the most unproductive and unpopular Congress in modern history.” Coburn estimates the cost for Congress at $132 million but says lawmakers did little and passed only 61 bills that eventually became law in 2012.

One of the more unnecessary projects that tax dollars went towards was at the University of California, Davis (UCD). Researchers received $325,000 from the National Science Foundation to build robotic versions of squirrels. Their reasoning behind this project was that they could learn more about how real squirrels interacted with rattlesnakes, one of their main predators. UCD has also created other robot creatures, such as robotic lizards, to study their behaviors.

The fact that taxpayers are being misled to think that their hard-earned money is going toward real issues, like the $16 trillion debt, when it is really going towards creating robotic animals is a bit disturbing, not to mention wasteful.

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