Washington is bankrupting America.

Every day, politicians spend—and waste—billions of our taxpayer dollars. In the past ten years alone, they’ve added more than a trillion dollars a year to our country’s national debt, more than doubling it.

We now owe more than $18 trillion—a staggering $56,000 for each and every American.

And Washington’s spending addiction is only getting worse.

It’s time for hard-working American taxpayers to stand up and say, “enough is enough.”

That’s why Bankrupting America exists.

We’re here to give you the facts about America’s fiscal crisis—what got us here, where we’re going if things don’t change, and what we should do to get back on track.

And we’ll help you keep politicians accountable for the votes they take and the choices they make.

Washington’s spending addiction is a crisis that affects every American, no matter where you live or what you do.

If we don’t work together to get Washington back on track, we’ll all end up paying the price.