Does torch lake have a public beach?

For all its largess, Torch Lake doesn’t offer many public access beaches and none of them are traditional sugar-and-sand beaches like those on nearby Lake Michigan. … Good Day Park in Torch Lake Township is the place.

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What beaches are on Torch Lake?

10 Beaches Charlevoix, Torch Lake and the Chain of Lakes

  • Barnes Park Campground, Eastport.
  • Richardi Park, Bellaire.
  • Thurston Park, Central Lake.
  • Torch Lake, Eastport.
  • Antrim Creek Natural Area, Atwood.
  • Elk Rapids Day Park, Elk Rapids.
  • Mt. McSauba Recreational Area, Charlevoix.
  • Fisherman’s Island State Park, Charlevoix.

Is Torch Lake open to the public?

Torch Lake: The lake is Michigan’s second biggest and one of the most unique: Its depth (a max of 285 feet) and the clarity of its waters give it a Caribbean blue cast. Despite its size, there’s little public access to Torch’s vast, inviting waters.

Can I swim in Torch Lake?

Torch Lake is a particularly beautiful lake, with unusually clear waters that appear bright turquoise and resemble Caribbean waters. This is one of only a few public swimming areas on the lake.

Can anyone go to Torch Lake?

The best way to experience Torch Lake is by boat (see below for rental locations). There are multiple public access points around the lake so everyone doesn’t have to put in near the sand bar. … It’s a popular trip and will likely take you over an hour to reach Torch Lake from Bellaire.

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Is Torch Lake Family Friendly?

It’s truly the perfect place to take your family for a night close to the beach and surrounding harbors. Near Torch Lake is the cherry capital of the United States, Traverse City. … Torch Lake is typically known for it’s sandbar.

What is a comfortable water temperature for swimming?

According to the World Health Organization, water temperatures ranging from 78 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit are generally comfortable and safe for those engaging in moderate physical activity in a pool.

Which Great Lake has the warmest water?

Erie is the most southerly, shallow, and biologically diverse of all of the Great Lakes. Its shallow depth makes it the warmest Great Lake and a favourite destination for summer recreationists and migrating birds.

Does baby oil prevent swimmer’s itch?

To Reduce the Chance of Getting Swimmer’s Itch

Apply waterproof sunscreen or baby oil to help prevent swimmer’s itch organisms from entering the skin. Thoroughly and briskly towel-off or shower as soon as you leave the water to help prevent swimmer’s itch organisms from entering the skin.

What is lake Erie’s water temperature?

Today’s Erie sea temperature is 67 °F.

Is swimmer’s itch the same as chiggers?

It’s not chiggers

Swimmer’s itch is often incorrectly referred to as chiggers. However, chiggers are tiny earthbound mites that live amidst grass and weeds. They also cause itchy bumps on your skin. The parasite that causes swimmer’s itch is actually a tiny worm.

How do I get rid of swimmer’s itch?

How do I treat swimmer’s itch?

  1. Apply plain calamine lotion.
  2. Take antihistamines. …
  3. Take shallow, lukewarm baths with 3 tablespoons of baking soda in the water.
  4. Take colloidal oatmeal baths.
  5. Apply cool compresses.
  6. Avoid scratching.

Is there swimmers itch at Torch Lake?

Limit Swimmer’s Itch

Swimmer’s Itch can cause pumps that itch a lot! In Torch Lake, Swimmer’s itch occurs in late May or early June. It can persist through summer.

What celebrities live in Torch Lake?

Several famous Michiganders call Torch Lake their home, including Kid Rock, Michael Moore, and Eminem. The lake is named after a local Native American tradition where tribes would use torches to attract fishes at night.

What is the best part of Torch Lake?

One of the best spots at Torch Lake to enjoy is the two-mile sandbar. Featuring white, welcoming sand that also wouldn’t look out of place on the shores of a Caribbean vacation resort, this sandbar is a super gathering spot for locals and tourists alike.

Is Torch Lake warm enough to swim in?

Water temperature in Torch Lake today is 64.6°F.

The swimming season in Torch Lake lasts from July to September. During those months, Torch Lake water temperature does not drop below 68°F and therefore suitable for comfortable swimming.

Can you get to Torch Lake Sandbar without a boat?

If you want to hit the sandbar without a boat, wear your swimsuit and park on the shoulder of Crystal Beach Road just north of Torch River Marine (12906 Cherry Ave., Rapid City) and the bridge over Torch River. There’s a pocket park with a patch of sand; walk from the shore to the sandbar in chest-deep water.

What is the clearest lake in Michigan?

Big Glen Lake is one of the cleanest and clearest lakes in Michigan. It is near the small town of Glen Arbor in northeast Michigan.

How warm does Torch Lake get?

Generally, Torch Lake is warmest at the end of July and the beginning of August and reaches around 71°F. Winter – Cold winter temperatures and winds often cause the lake to freeze over, so there is little mixing during winter months.

Can you kayak on Torch Lake?

On and Off the Lake

Those without a boat can rent everything from pontoon boats to ski boats to jet skis from local purveyors. Also popular are non-motorized sports such as canoeing, windsurfing, and kayaking. … With depths of up to 340 feet, Torch Lake is Michigan’s deepest inland lake.

How deep is Torch Lake in Michigan?

It’s about 2 miles wide and is Michigan’s longest lake. With an average depth of 111 feet and 285 feet at the deepest point, it’s also Michigan’s deepest inland lake.

What time does Torch Lake open?

It is halfway between the North Pole and the Equator exactly on the 45th parallel. It was decommissioned in 1933. Hours are 10 am to 5 pm, daily, May – October and weekends only November. Park, beach, and trails always open.

Are there fish in Torch Lake?

Torch Lake is noted for its coldwater fishery, including lake trout and whitefish, both of which are self-sustaining through natural reproduction. Burbot are common in a deep-water community association with the trout, whitefish, and deep-water sculpin.