Federal Matters | A Government Spending Sitcom

“Federal Matters” follows a family and their irresponsible relative, Uncle Beltway, who, like Washington, is put in charge of certain things that he’s ill-equipped to handle.



Uncle Beltway

The biggest, best-intentioned member of your Federal Family. Good old Uncle B. is always on the lookout for a chance to help, but nobody ever seems to fully appreciate his great ideas.





Go along to get along; that’s Dad’s motto. While Uncle Beltway might not always know how to help, Dad can at least appreciate the effort.





Mom doesn’t share Dad’s mellow disposition — and she’s the one who always seems to find herself cleaning up the mess when Beltway comes to town.





Cash? Authority? No inhibitions? This junior member of the family thinks that Uncle B. has things all figured out.





She’s just along for the ride, especially if it means watching her brother get himself into trouble.




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