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Today, the Census Bureau released new statistics from the American Community Survey on state and local income, poverty and health insurance. The ACS found that, overall, 28 states had median income levels lower than the U.S. average of $52,250.  Today’s Breaking it Down will take a closer look at the reports.


  • The States With The Highest Median Household Incomes Were Maryland and Alaska, While Mississippi Had The Lowest. According to the Census Bureau, “ In 2013, the states with the highest median household incomes were Maryland ($72,483) and Alaska ($72,237), which were not statistically different from each other. Mississippi had the lowest ($37,963).”


  • For 2013, Mississippi Had The Highest Poverty Rate, With 24 Percent.  As noted in the Poverty: 2012 and 2013 report,“According to the 2013 ACS, the poverty rates for New Hampshire (8.7 percent) and Alaska (9.3 percent) were among the lowest in the country, while Mississippi (24.0 percent) had the highest rate, followed by New Mexico (21.9 percent).”


  • Among Individuals Who Were Below 138 Percent Of The Poverty Threshold, 25.6 Percent Did Not Have Health Insurance In 2013. According to the new ACS survey, “Among people whose incomes were below 138 percent of the poverty threshold: 25.6 percent were uninsured in 2013. Among the top 25 largest U.S. metropolitan areas, the uninsured rates were highest in Miami (24.8 percent), Houston (22.8 percent) and Dallas (21.5 percent) and lowest in Boston (4.2 percent), Pittsburgh (7.5 percent), Minneapolis (8.1 percent) and Baltimore (8.7 percent).”


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