Wednesday Waste: Is it Hot Outside?

Mobile apps are great. They connect us to our email—for better or worse—they let us share photos and videos, they entertain us, and now there’s an app to tell us whether it is too hot to go outside. No, it is not just some normal weather app that lets you know when the thermometer passes 90 degrees, but instead an app developed to calculate the heat index at your work site and let you know if it is too hot to work today.

This application for workers who brave the summer heat each day between May and August cost taxpayers $643,000, according to a recently released Freedom of Information Act request made by Americans for Limited Government. The report goes on to detail that actual development of the app by Eastern Research Group cost taxpayers $200,000.

That would be more than a half million dollars to design and develop an application that provides the same information that you can find in the back of your local newspaper, on the news or in the native weather applications for both the iPhone and Android devices that the application was designed to run on. With government spending half a million dollars on applications such as this, it should at least be the best weather application available. But, it currently is receiving two and a half stars in the app store with one comment of, “This is no doubt the worst app I have ever come across in app store.”

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