Which Government Agencies Would Throw The Best New Year’s Bash?

  1. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) held225 conferences from fiscal year 2010 to 2012that produced $48,631,800 in taxpayer expenditures. One IRS Small Business/Self-Employed conference in Anaheim was estimated to be $4,133,183. The costs included $17,000 for a speaker to paint six paintings, $50,187 for conference videos, and $2,400 on a mock television studio set.
  2.   The General Services Administration (GSA) held a$823,000 employee conference in Las Vegasin October 2010. The GSA has spent more than $6.7 million on conferences, with costs including $146,527 on catered food, $100,405 for employee venue scouting travel costs, $7,000 in sushi, and $5,600 in room parties.
  3.  Between 2008 to 2009, theDepartment of Justice (DOJ) held 1,832 conferencesat a cost of $121 million to taxpayers. Of those conferences, 10 alone amounted to $4.4 million.
  4. The DOJ also used nearly700 luxury airliners for personal usebetween 2007 and 2011.  The total cost of these flights was $11.4 million.
  5. The DOJ ALSO ended up giving theHartford Police Department $10,052 dollarsto throw a pizza party for “truancy incentives.”
  6.  In fiscal year 2012,Health and Humans Services held 140 conferences, which cost $56,130,874 or in other terms, .07 percent of the their entire discretionary budget.

Washington has proven time and again that there’s no limit to how many billions of dollars spent on lavish conferences and parties. With the economy facing $17 trillion in debt, maybe Washington should go easy on the celebrations…

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